Dave Hill-like Effect

How can your give your videos a Dave Hill-like video effect? Use Ziggeo's Automatic Video Effect Converter.

What’s the Dave Hill effect?

The Dave Hill effect is an Instagram-like video filter that transforms your videos as presented below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply this effect on videos of different lengths?
Yes. Our demo is designed to offer you a quick look into how it would look if you were to record a video and apply the effect. While the time is limited to just 10 seconds, your own recorders would be unlimited - unless you limit them.
Will this work on uploaded videos as well?
Our demo is showing the record option however it will work just the same on recorded and on uploaded videos. Up to you what options you will show, and regardless of what they use all of them can have this effect applied.
How can I set this up?
Very simple actually. Our Dashboard is easy to use and we have also explained all steps in our docs here.