FTP Integration

Push recorded videos automatically to your FTP server.

Push Videos to FTP

Autopush videos to your FTP server. That will allow you to:
  • Keep all recorded videos together on your FTP server

How It Works

  • Go to your application management.
  • Select Video Push Service.
  • Add your FTP account details

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use autopush and push manually?
Yes. The push service is created to provide you with both options so you can use the same per your own preference.
Is the video directly going to my FTP server or does anything happen to it first?
This would depend on how you have set things up. We leave this completely in your hands. If you want to apply some effects first, that is possible. If the push is configured to push the video with the effect or watermark applied then only that stream will be pushed as soon as it is created.
In my usecase I would like to offer my customers to push the video to my FTP account once approved. Is it possible?
Yes! You can showcase multiple videos to your own customer and then once they pick the ones they want, they can click the button and have everything done automatically. They would not even know that the video is sent to your FTTP unless you told them this. Note: You would need to make that button call the function on your server to push the video. It is very simple however it is not automated since everyone would do this in a different way. We do have many SDKs that help you achieve this with a single call.