Light Indicator

Ziggeo's light indicator indicates to the person recording a video whether there is a enough light so the light conditions can be quickly corrected.

What's a light indicator?

A light indicator:

  • Makes it as easy as possible to capture videos with the right amount of light.
  • Ziggeo's light indicator indicates if there is enough light before videos are actually recorded.
  • Our light indicator serves as guide to those recording so they can correct and find the best possible light.

How does the light indicator work?

A light indicator includes:

  • If the light quality is poor
  • if there is too much light
  • if there is not enough light

A light indicator will indicate green:

  • if there is enough quality light

What does the light indicator look like?

Note: this graphic (made from CSS) can be changed to any desired graphic.

What are the benefits of a light indicator?

  • Immediate notification of poor light.
  • Light conditions can be quickly corrected so you receive well lit videos.