Video Recorder Themes

Select one of these themes for your video recorder — customize and/or create your own. See Player Themes


Modern Theme
Cube Theme
Space Theme
Minimalist Theme
Elevate Theme
Theatre Theme

Code for Themes

Ziggeo’s video recorder is like a chameleon: it can behave in any way you like with any styling you like. Specify the theme you’d like to use in the recorder’s tag:
<ziggeorecorder ziggeo-theme='theme-name'></ziggeorecorder>

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we change the color scheme of our recorder?
Yes! You can change it completely or only some parts of the same. We have red, green and blue color scheme pre-built however you can extend them to any color you wish. To do that you would need just a bit of CSS.
Where can I see all the available themes?
You can see all of them on the page above. If you do have an interesting idea about some new themes that could be created, do let us know by raising that as your own feature request on our feedback system.
Does these themes match player themes?
Yes, recorder and player themes are made to look good one next to the other and is generally how our customers are using them. Of course you can set any theme or number of different themes on same page if that is your preference.