Media Support

Ziggeo - award winning solution for full media support. Record, store/host and view video, audio or image.

Working with media can be demanding. Did you know that almost all solutions you can think of at start look great options! It is only after some time that you realize that the super smart system you are using is not perfect.
  • Too many files in a folder can make things slow
  • Sorting directories can quickly turn into nightmare
  • Sorting media within is a story in its own with various properties you might be interested in

What Ziggeo does for you?

Ziggeo is a service that is crafted in such a way that:
  • It is easy to use in small offices
  • Perfect fit for home use
  • Amazing service for enterprise requirements

How do we do it?

Everything in your Ziggeo account is stored behind a key or token. We generate the token for you while you can set your own keys if you want to. Handling tokens is the easiest thing for any system. All systems allow you to store some short data and a token is just that – a short collection of letters and numbers that uniquely identify the media within our system. Because of this the data is immediately available to you within your dashboard. This makes it easy for you to think about how you want to show this data in your system and stop thinking about the your storage and organization as we do this for you. With Ziggeo, you will be able to capture all of the biggest types of media in same place. Capture Images, Audio or Video right on your pages. Use the same system to capture and show and provide your customers great experience on your pages.

Capturing and video playback

  • Our video recorder supports capturing screen, camera and both together
  • Recorder and player share the theme base providing unified experience
  • Translated into many languages
  • Supporting various video file formats and encodings
  • No installation needed

Capturing and playback of audio

  • All you need is mic to capture your audio
  • Quick and easy way to play back audio from your Ziggeo account
  • Cross system and platform support
  • Support for large number of audio file formats and encodings

Working with Images

  • Easier than ever to capture an image through a camera
  • File uploads supported for a large number of image formats
  • Works on mobile and on desktop platforms and systems
  • All you need is a web browser

Want to know more?

Check out our documentation to know more about: For everything else, there is our friendly support team that is happy to answer any additional questions you might have. You can reach out to them over Want to influence what is available in Ziggeo? Head now to our new feedback and dynamic roadmap page at and add your own feedback.