Configure notifications so you know when videos have been submitted.

Notifications – General

We want to make sure you’re notified when a video is submitted or any other events you like. We’ve done that in a number of ways for your convenience. See below.

What does that mean?

  • Email Notifications
    • Receive an email each time a video is submitted
  • Dashboard notifications
    • You’ll know from your dashboard (once you log in) when videos have been submitted in the event log
  • Webhooks
    • We can notify your server when video are being submitted
  • Webhooks
    • We notify you on the client-side about Ziggeo events

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set the email notifications to go to some other email?
Yes. To prevent spam and similar, we require you to add the email as your own sub-account, then you can set the emails to go to that email as well.
Where can I find these notifications?
We have various notifications. Generally there is a bell icon at the top of every page (in header) that you can click on and see the important information. Additional notifications can show up in Debugger page and the Events page is a list of all notifications, shown as they happen.
What are "Webhooks"?
Webhook is a name for a very smart way of notifying your server. Instead of your server constantly reaching out to our system to see if there were any changes webhooks make this process much simpler. Our system will reach out to your system instead. That way your system is up to date as soon as something happens. You can read more about this on our webhooks page in our docs.