Standard Definition (SD Videos)

You can use Ziggeo to record videos in SD (standard definition). And with our video recorder, you can upload custom SD videos as well.

What are SD videos?

SD Videos stand for Standard Definition videos. You can read more about SD videos here on Wikipedia.

Recording/Uploading of SD videos

  • SD videos can be recorded via Ziggeo’s embeddable video recorder
  • Existing SD videos can be uploaded via our embeddings as well

SD Player

SD videos are transcoded across all formats/devices so they can be played everywhere. See here for all formats/devices supported by Ziggeo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customize the SD resolutions?
Yes. You can set your recorder to capture any specific resolution, SD or HD. You can also use Video Profiles to change the output to a very specific resolution or resolutions that are best for you.
Is light and sound indicator working with SD resolutions?
Yes, both of the features - including many other work with our SD and HD resolutions.
Is there a theme that is best for SD videos?
All of our themes were created to make the experience as smooth as possible regardless of the resolution of playback. So any theme that looks pleasing to you would be good for any format of video.