Video Player Themes

Select one of these themes for your video player — customize and/or create your own. See Recorder Themes


Default Theme Cover
Inside the Default Theme
Modern Theme Cover
Inside the Modern Theme
Cube Theme Cover
Inside the Cube Theme
Space Theme Cover
Inside the Space Theme
Minimalist Theme Cover
Inside the Minimalist Theme
Elevate Theme Cover
Inside the Elevate Theme
Theatre Theme Cover
Inside the Theatre Theme

Code for Themes

Ziggeo’s video player is like a chameleon: it can behave in any way you like with any styling you like. Specify the theme you’d like to use in the player’s tag:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we specify our own theme?
Yes, you can. Our system is designed to allow your own themes as well. The process is technical in nature, so you will want your developers reaching out to our support team to help you get started. Please note that this is only needed if you plan to redesign everything. For simple color change, that is quite simple.
Can we set any color scheme?
Our themes come in pre-defined colors: Red, Green and Blue. We do also have default which is generally aimed to be neutral so it pulls towards gray. You can however use various classes within our player to style any specific segment of your interest.
Can we use a button from one theme and the inside of another?
Not directly, however with just a bit of CSS you could. We would suggest using the theme that you want to use during playback (the inside). The play button is something that can be easily styled using CSS.