Video Uploads

Video uploading to Ziggeo is completely configurable -- allow or disallow uploading; set the maximum length, and allow/disallow HD/SD

Capabilities Offered

Ziggeo lets you upload:
  • Any number of videos
  • Videos may be any length
  • Videos may be any quality (e.g. SD, HD, 2K, 4K, etc.)
Video Recorder May Accept or Not Allow Uploads (It’s Configurable) Ziggeo’s embeddable video recorder accepts uploads if it’s configured to do so You can disable uploading and only accept videos recorded via the recorder
<ziggeorecorder ziggeo-allowrecord="false" ziggeo-allowupload="true" ziggeo-width="100%" ziggeo-theme="modern" ziggeo-themecolor="red"></ziggeorecorder>
Once videos are uploaded, Ziggeo:
  • Transcodes videos to different formats and resolutions to ensures videos play across all devices and browsers

Maximum Recording Time for Uploaded Videos

In the event you’ve set a maximum recording time for videos, any videos uploaded may not exceed the maximum recording time set. If they do, the video will be automatically cut.

Supported Video Formats

Here are just some of the file formats that we support for uploads:
  • mp4
  • mpg
  • avi
  • mov
  • mkv
  • wmv
  • ogv
  • webm
  • flv

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ziggeo support formats that are not mentioned on this page?
Yes. Most of the video formats that can be found online are supported by our service. In case some is not, we are always happy to hear about it and extend our support. Just raise a feature request and that is it.
I would like to know more about time limits we can set.
Sounds great. Please check out the following page in such case: Setting Time Limits
Do we have to choose what resolutions we support or can use?
No. Our system is designed to accept any videos regardless of their resolution. This is true for recording and especially the uploading. You can however add your own limits if you wanted.