WebRTC Video Recording

Ziggeo supports WebRTC video recording wherever possible

WebRTC Video Records Video Asynchronously

Ziggeo supports WebRTC video allowing recording across all possible browsers/devices, including

WebRTC Demo

Record yourself here with your WebRTC enabled browser.

WebRTC is not supported by the following devices / browsers

Ziggeo automatically falls back to non-WebRTC technologies to record videos on those devices.

You can be sure that once WebRTC video is enabled on these browsers/devices, Ziggeo will use WebRTC on them too.


No setup needed for compliant browsers. WebRTC is now enabled by default in Ziggeo.

For browsers where WebRTC is implemented just as streaming option (like in Safari) you need to add additional parameter webrtc_streaming_if_necessary. Also if you want to use WebRTC on mobile devices you would add additional paramter called webrtc_on_mobile. Both of these go into your application header code and together would look like the following code:

    var ziggeoApp = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Application({
      webrtc_streaming_if_necessary: true,
      webrtc_on_mobile: true