SalesForce Integration

Ziggeo's award winning API is now available on Salesforce

About Salesforce

Salesforce is best described as a very powerful system of services. In their early years they revolutionized the industry and set the standards on what is to be expected.

The result is a lot of different services that are operated by them or powered by them. If your system or service is powered by Salesforce and you wish to add your Ziggeo to them, you can do so very easily by doing it yourself or by using one of the pre-made integrations.


Salesforce brands themselves as the World’s #1 CRM.

There are many things that you can do with Salesforce and many ways to do them. While our code is designed to be easily added to any web and native solutions not everyone has or wants to do this themselves.

If you look to add Ziggeo to your Salesforce solution the following integrations can help you with that exactly.

About NativeVideo

NativeVideo is Salesforce AppExchange Partner offering video solutions that allow you to connect your Ziggeo account to your Salesforce platform with a few clicks of a mouse instead of implementing everything on your own.

The integration is offered through an app called NativeVideo and its configurations, designed to address specific use cases: LeadGenVideo and TalentVideo.

Bringing your Ziggeo capabilities inside CRM means extending its capabilities in terms of communication and engagement (via Video Messaging - LeadGenVideo), bringing Video Interviews as an added functionality for those using Salesforce as their Application Tracking System (TalentVideo) and enriching Support and Service data records with context while automating notes with speech-to-text.

Their app allows you to natively integrate with the Salesforce Platform with least amount of work on your side.

The app provided by NativeVideo will work for following Salesforce solutions: Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer and Performance.

To see more, you can visit them at

NativeVideo in use