Integration with YouTube

Ziggeo is integrated with YouTube.

About YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing platform that very few people have not heard of. You can find how-tos from young adults of age 10 or younger as well as how-tos from people specialized in various degrees of science.

It is definitely not just a how-to video-sharing platform as there is music, movies, games and all sorts of other content that you can and can not think of.

While we are used to the public videos of all types, it is also a service where videos are uploaded and shared with just specific people, groups or organizations.

How to set up?

The setup will be over faster than you can drink your tea or coffee. It is very simple and practically a click-through process. Wait, that is exactly what it is. Still we described this process for those that want to check it out.

If you are one of the interested people head over to YouTube integration setup page.