Ziggeo's Wall of Videos Solution

Ziggeo has designed a flexible open-source video wall that can be fully integrated into any site or platform -- or used as part of a Ziggeo Page, Ziggeo's hosted solution.

  • Can be customized to integrate seamlessly into your site's page
  • Can carry metadata (e.g. name, twitter handle, etc.) that appears next to the appropriate video
  • Programmed so videos can automatically appear on the wall or first moderated and appear only once approved.

Uses of our wall of videos

  • Video Testimonials
  • Wedding Guest Video Book
  • Wall of Videos for Conferences
  • Video Community Profiles
  • Video Yearbooks

Open-Source Video Wall

  • Video wall can be seamlessly integrated into your site (or hosted by Ziggeo via a Ziggeo Page )
  • Code for the video wall can be copied and altered as you like You can find more information here:
  • Get the code from GitHub

Video Wall as part of Hosted Ziggeo Page

Ziggeo Pages is a hosted, turn-key solution.

See more here.

The video wall template can be:

  • Configured as you like
  • Automatically posts submitted videos to the video wall
  • Note: the process can be configured so videos can be approved prior to appearing on the wa
  • A custom domain can be configured for your Video Wall