Sizing up and building along

When we recently moved our stable tag to r39 some of you reported that there was a difference in sizing of our player and recorder. This was due to various fixes we have added to make the player behave much better for various custom implementations. The updates were made to help mostly player better fit into what you wanted to do. Next to that, we wanted it to know what kind of size is the media you were trying to play.

Today, we are happy to say that we have improved it much further. By default our sizing is being seen as if you are setting it up with 100%. That is:


For most cases, this is the exact setup you want. In only some cases you might want to change that, however changing the width parameter will allow you to do just that. This makes it very simple for someone that just wants to copy paste the code and have it running nicely, filling up the entire element it was placed in.

When width and height are friends

Now this is just one part of what should be done to make it fit nicely. We needed to better understand what you are trying to do, while in the same time respect the aspect ratio of the video.

Some of you have noticed that we are adding aspect ratio to our player, however it was done in a way that did not really allow you to make changes through CSS as easily as you might want to. As of now, we will just be adding the aspect ratio information. We are leaving out the min height and other styles that were giving you issues when custom styling the player.

If you needed to sort out anything before, with this removal of styles no change should be needed on your end. It will just make it easier for you to do any other changes in the future.

The way we set the aspect ratio is by checking the exact stream that it about to be played for its resolution. Then we set it up to match the media aspect ratio exactly. By doing this, it allows your media to fit much nicer into the player.

How to test it out

To test out the changes all you would need to do is to switch to r40. It is our latest and greatest (and still in development). Soon we will be switching the stable tag to point to it, so make sure to test it out beforehand.

The easiest way to do this is by copy pasting the codes from our header page.

This would be the relevant part of the code:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src=""></script>

What is next?

Well, most of what we do is based on what you send our way. So check out r40 and see how it works. Have some feedback? Just reach out to our support team and that is it - you will help us help you with the setup.

If you have a suggestion, even better. We take it that you love the change and would like to see some other things being added. The best place to do so - our feedback page at