The Video Player

Ziggeo's video player outperforms all other video players by being the only responsive player with advanced features that seamlessly integrates into any site.

Embeddable Video Player

Our video player outperforms all other video players — here’s why:

  • The video player is responsive
  • The video player ensures all recorded videos can be played back immediately
  • Only the videos you want to make available can be accessed

Embeddable Video Player

Here is a video example what a video look like.

Video Player Seamless Integration

  • The player can be integrated seamlessly right into your site.
  • You can configure the video player so it's any size or shape.
  • Videos can automatically be played a site is reached or a video can start when the play button is pressed.
  • Video players can play videos previously recorded -- and you can feature a video recorder right along side the videos themselves.