Integration with Paperform

How to add Ziggeo to your Paperform forms.

About Paperform

Paperform is a flexible form builder built to help small businesses create beautiful form solutions. Their goal is to help you cut down on your busy work, automate workflows and simplify your lives. Regardless if you want to build surveys, onboarding forms, lead generation quizzes or standalone landing pages for events, their powerful editor makes it an easy experience. It's as easy as writing a document - but a lot more fun.

To make things even simpler, just use one of their fully customisable 650+ templates to inspire you and make it truly yours.

Image showcasing many different integrations offered by Paperform service

Do not just make another form. Customize colors, fonts, layouts and themes and import images and videos. Now, you can also enjoy adding Ziggeo Media Recorder or Player to your Paperform and stand out from the crowd. The way to do it is simple and in our documentation, we will show you how.]

How it works

We have a complete documentation on setting up this integration if you needed it. You can find it within our documentation pages for Paperform integration.

Add it like a pro

Reach out to our support team at any time you have a question or something seems out of line.