Capture audience videos using Ziggeo's video API and SDKs.

Media Use Cases

  • User-generated videos easily captured
  • Expert videos recorded and submitted
  • Video comments submitted from audience
  • Videos submitted to one organized place
  • Share videos with producers, those in charge of talent, etc.
  • Audience can record and directly submit videos during live program
  • Launch selected videos automatically to site, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Key Features

  • Mobile-friendly recording and playback
  • Videos can be recorded worldwide
  • Cap recording time (e.g. 15 seconds or one minute)
  • Moderate / internally share videos w/ e.g. producers via media management dashboard
  • Use open-source recruitment tool to cast audience / featured experts, etc.
  • Media management dashboard helps you manage and organize incoming videos
  • If internet connection fails, videos are saved and uploaded once back on line
  • Audience / experts can record directly from browser (no need to download an app)
  • Video APIs + video SDKs available
  • Ziggeo supports webRTC where allowed by browsers / devides (otherwise defaults to e.g. Flash)
  • Recorder / player integrates into your site so no one knows videos are powered by Ziggeo

“It's the Twilio for Video”

— Ron Schmelzer, TechBreakfast

Keep Videos Private

  • Videos submitted directly to private media dashboard
  • Casting and other videos shared internally (with permission) and kept private
  • Videos of low quality can stay private

Feature Selected Videos Publicly

  • Brand videos with your logos or overlays from private dashboard
  • Launch videos automatically to YouTube directly from dashboard
  • Ziggeo automatically tags videos with keywords for searchability (extracts transcribed text from recorded voice)

Video Wall

Display videos

Hosted Solution + Quick Start

  • Video Wall
  • Recorded videos can be displayed on video gallery / wall
  • Request videos by posting or sending a link / button
  • Recorded videos submitted directly to your private dashboard
  • Display selected videos on Video Wall
  • Video Submission Forms
  • Ask audience to record videos using submission form
  • Hosted submission form includes default fields for e.g. name, email, etc.
  • Easily customize form by adding field for e.g. Twitter address
  • Ensure that only selected fields are made public (e.g. not email address)

Video Comments

Add video to increase engagement

Video Messages

Send and receive videos

Award-Winning API

Ziggeo won the API:World 2019 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Ziggeo won the API:World 2017 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Ziggeo won the API:World 2016 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.