Let politicians voices shine and voters heard using Ziggeo's video API and video SDK. Make politics personal

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Use Cases

  • Constituents express concerns / issues on video (makes powerful impression)
  • Politicians express their views on issues via recorded video
  • Politicians respond to citizen concerns via video messages and/or by publicly posting video responses
  • Create a public Q and A based on voters questions and published video responses

“Ziggeo is… an extraordinary way to get insight on a large number of people in a very short period of time.”

— Seth Godin, best-selling business author

Video Profiles

Bring life to your community
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Video Messages

Send and receive videos
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Video Comments

Add video to increase engagement
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Ziggeo’s Features

  • Mobile-friendly – videos recorded and played from any device
  • Set maximum recording time for concise video comments
  • Submitted videos go directly into your private media management dashboard
  • Make videos as public or private as you like — or share them with only those who are given access
  • Curate and select those videos you want public since videos can be initially submitted for your private viewing
  • Launch selected videos to YouTube (can be set to automatically launch selected videos)
  • Add your party’s or brand’s logo or overlay to any video from your Ziggeo dashboard
  • Embeddable video recorder/player seamlessly integrates into your site
  • Video recording APIs + SDKs available
  • Web-RTC support
  • No need to download an app to record or play videos
  • Ensure you get rights you need by requiring those submitting videos to agree to your terms
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Video Wall

Display videos

WordPress Plugin

Video blog, video comments

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  • Videos submitted to your own political site or platform, Ziggeo-hosted page or anywhere else
  • Control who has access to the videos — make them as private or public as you like
  • Control how much recording time someone has — that way, they need to self-edit
  • Control the look and feel of the embeddable video recorder/player so seamlessly integrates into your site
  • Integration is easy — only several lines of code.

The comments presented in this video are from an actual Katrina storm victim

Hosted Solution + Quick Start

  • Easy Video Submission Form
    • Quick start by having voters / politicians record and submit videos via Ziggeo’s hosted form
    • Capture names and email addresses make public only names (or just videos)
    • Easy to insert capture of additional information
    • Videos recorded and directly submitted to media management dashboard
    • Download videos, automatically display videos, launch videos to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Easy Video Submission Form
    • Use video wall to display videos in gallery-like formation
    • Ability to approve moderate videos prior to display
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Award-Winning API

Ziggeo won the API:World 2019 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Banner stating that Ziggeo won API Award in 2019

Ziggeo won the API:World 2017 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

API:World 2017 Award

Ziggeo won the API:World 2016 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Ziggeo wins API award 2016