Ziggeo can help any hackathon in a variety of ways - from introducing hackers and recording hacks to featuring videos of judges; you'll also find ideas on what to hack on, how to record great videos at hackathons, and even a Ziggeo Cheat Sheet. Record hacker and sponsor videos via Ziggeo’s video API and SDKs for video recording, playback, management and hosting.

In the wild

The hacks – at videohackday.com

Hackathon – Sponsor Use Cases

  • Sponsors record videos explaining APIs
    • Post sponsor videos prior to the event to introduce hackers to APIs
    • Added sponsor benefit
  • Capture expert videos re: how to win at a hackathon
    • Experts from around the world can record / submit video tips for hackers
    • Launch video tips via social media (e.g. YouTube, twitter, etc.) as lead up to event

Hackathon – Hacker Use Cases

  • Hackers record pitches on video
    • Practice pitches on video help with presentation + restricted time
    • Mentors give feedback on practice pitches prior to presentation
    • Pitches recorded for P.R. and posterity
    • Judges watch videos to help award prizes
    • Remote judging can occur by watching recorded videos
    • Post pitches to help advertise following year’s event
  • Hackers introduce themselves on recorded video with intended hacks
    • Hackers can watch videos to create teams
    • Created welcoming hackathon with pre-recorded video introductions
  • Video testimonials about hackathon
    • Post after event and lead up to following year’s event

Hackathon – Judge Use Cases

  • Judges introduce themselves on recorded video
    • Judges record on video tips on what makes a good hack

Key Features

  • Mobile-friendly – videos recorded + played from any device
  • Set maximum recording time so it’s limited to maximum pitch time allowed
  • Use Ziggeo hosted pages for quick start (see Video Submissions and Video Wall templates)
  • Alternatively: seamlessly integrate into hackathon website
  • Direct videos to be submitted to private hackathon dashboard or made public on wall
  • Video recording APIs and video recording SDKs available
  • Web-RTC support
  • No need to download apps to record / play video – browser based
  • Launch videos to hackathon site, YouTube account, etc.
  • Brand videos with logo / overlays prior to launch
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Hackathon Judge Video
Hacker Video

Hosted Solutions + Quick Starts

  • Capture hack videos with quick start Ziggeo Pages
  • Use hosted solution or copy code for integration
  • Turnkey Video Wall to Display Pitch Videos or Sponsor Videos
  • Submitted videos displayed on Video Wall
  • Ziggeo Hosted Page for Video Submissions
    • Launch video submission forms for hackers and sponsors
    • Videos recorded from any mobile or other device
    • Recorded videos automatically submitted to private dashboard
    • Launch videos to video wall from dashboard
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WordPress Plugin

Video blog, video comments

Video Wall

Display videos

How to Record Great Hacker Videos

  • Use quiet room away from hacking
  • Find blank white wall against which hackers can stand
  • Bring in teams of hackers to record together
  • Ask hackers to briefly describe their hacks
  • Request that hackers mention what they think of your hackathon (for video testimonials)
  • Record videos with quality digital cameras, iPhones or other devices that record quality video
  • Launch videos on Video Wall (open source template integrates into your site)
  • Brand videos with your logo and launch to e.g. YouTube

Video Profiles

Bring life to your community
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Video Messages

Send and receive videos
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“It’s the Twilio for Video”

— Ron Schmelzer, TechBreakfast

Ideas for What to Hack with Ziggeo

  • Captain’s Log : Track your days by recording short videos
  • Video Dating App : Short videos recorded and submitted : wrap a fun theme around it.
  • Roommate App : Need an extra roommate or housemate? Have a sweet deal? Introduce your place on video and let others respond on video.
  • Fresh Faces : Want to check out the new class before they arrive? Have them all record videos of themselves.
  • Video Yearbooks : Let your classmates record videos highlighting favorite times
  • Instant Pet Adopter : Pet adoption agencies have terrible technology. Build something they can use. Instant Pet adopter : – they record videos of pets for adoption, you respond with interest.
  • Contests for Good : Raise money for your favorite cause by letting brands pay for video submissions they can use in their marketing materials
  • Try-Out App : Casting for a school play or your cappella group? Need to figure out the best fit for your eating club? Students record videos explaining the opportunity and others respond on video with their songs, monologues or story.
  • Interviewing Employers : Let employers try out for you! They record videos letting you know why you should work for them. And if you’re interested, you can respond on video.
  • Travel Journal : Record the places you go and people you meet; share with family back home.
  • Happy ‘rents : Record video messages accessible only to your parents.
  • Birthday Bling : Let friends record birthday wishes on video.
  • Video Greeting Cards : Record videos to be sent for special occasions.
  • Video Reviews : Want to get the real scoop by real people? Let them record video reviews.
  • Hackathon Idea Generator : Let folks from around the world record videos suggesting what you should build so you can put your coding time to good use.
  • Hackathon Matching Service : Don’t know who your teammates will be? Create a Hackathon matching service so folks can introduce themselves to one another before the big day.
  • Adopt an Alum : Want to start to build relationships with Alums while at school? Match interests with alums by letting each record videos introducing themselves
  • Parlez Vous Francais? : Record videos practicing a language and let others from that country respond and correct your pronunciation.
  • Video Pals : Expand your world by exchanging video messages with those around the world.
  • Language Lab Buster : Tired of walking to the language lab? Record assignments using your phone
  • Student Admissions Vote : Be the first university to let students vote to fill a spot or two in the upcoming class. Choose a wild card. Let applicants record and submit videos for the popular vote.
  • Ask the Admin : Students record videos asking questions : – and up vote those everyone wants answered. Admin answers questions on video.
  • Crowd-sourcing Initiatives : Have an idea you want founded? Record a video explaining your idea. Let your classmates and alums support your dreams. They can record videos of support.
  • Debt Busters : Up to your ears in student loans? Record a video and let alumni and friends help ease the burden.
  • Video Art : Create an app that lets artists collect snippets of video from all around the world they can use to creat a video art piece.
  • People record and submit videos in response to instructions.
  • Feel Good App : Record your video and let strangers tell you how beautiful you are.
  • Secret Crush : Have a secret crush but don’t want to be rejected? Create a dating service where 2 matching likes will release video messages to one another.
  • World Jam : Record snippets of your music, show yourself jamming, share with the world
  • Morning Therapy : Wake up each morning and play a video of yourself, your family and friends saying how great you are. You’ll feel empowered.
  • Care Packages around Exams : Let family send exactly what a student wants : and let them record a video message.

Award-Winning API

Ziggeo won the API:World 2019 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Banner stating that Ziggeo won API Award in 2019

Ziggeo won the API:World 2017 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

API:World 2017 Award

Ziggeo won the API:World 2016 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Ziggeo wins API award 2016