Ziggeo's Wordpress Plugin

With Ziggeo's Wordpress plugin, video blogs and video comments on Wordpress are extremely simple to execute.

The Wordpress plug-in lets you record and submit videos as posts and also enables video comments. Rather than writing a text post, you can now simply hit the record-video button, record your video, and it will automatically be submitted right to your blog - no uploading or downloading necessary.

Benefits include:

  • Ease of recording and submitting videos (a simple click of the record-video button, an option to re-record, and the automatic submission of your video right to your blog. No uploading or downloading necessary.
  • Your personality can easily shine through when featuring yourself on video rather than a written blog.
  • Some people are naturally better speakers than they are in writing. This gives them an alternative.
  • You can populate your blog with both video and written blog entries - you don't need to make a choice.

Video Posts

The Wordpress plug-in also enables video comments from your readers. That way, you'll be able to hear (literally!) and see those in your audience.

Benefits include:

  • Hearing and seeing first hand from your audience can lead to less misinterpretation of words.
  • When video comments are submitted (less anonymous than written comments), you may find that those commenting show more respect than when they can hide behind anonymous comments.
  • Video comments are great way for a writer to get closer to his/her audience and understand who the audience is.
  • Similarly, video comments let the audience get more familiar with each other which can lead to a tighter community of commenters.

Video Comments

You can find more information on Ziggeo's Wordpress plugin here