WPML Integration

Ziggeo and WPML made to play nice together in your WordPress website

About WPML

WPML is the way to go when you want to translate anything on WordPress. WPML stands for The WordPress Multilingual Plugin. They utilize the WordPress core translation feature in a way that makes it very simple for you to use. With this they make it very easy for you to not only build the multilingual websites or blogs. It also makes it easy for you to run them. Their goal is to create the system that is powerful to run corporate sites. In the same time their system is simple enough for the simple blogs. You can see more about WPML in this short video:

How to start?

As you know Ziggeo automatically supports many different languages and it also provides you with the ways to customize text manually even further. What about WordPress? This is where our integration with WPML comes in. Just continue using your WPML setup as you did before and you will see various strings from our plugin available for translations. You can see the status of it on WPML here.