Ziggeo’s bbPress Integration

Ziggeo now supports bbPress - WordPress forum plugin

About bbPress

  • bbPress is a popular forum plugin for WordPress powered websites.
  • bbPress has been made by the creators of the WordPress itself and allows you to quickly set up discussions and more.
  • Ziggeo integrates into bbPress to allow you to do video discussions

Ziggeo’s bbPress Integration

Our integration allows you to turn your bbPress discussions into a forum that plays, records and provides you an all video approach Do you use forum for technical support? Well what if you could add a screen recorder? Now you can! Need someone to record their latest robot design for your forum? Well our video recorder can not only record screen, it can record from camera as well, from desktop and mobile. Want to see the setup aspect of it? Check out our docs here.

More on various WordPress integrations

We have many WordPress integrations that extend our plugin and provide you additional ways to integrate it to some other popular plugins. Check out the “See Also” section bellow to find them. You can find this plugin on WordPress as well as on Github.