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Ziggeo instantly captures candidate videos (from any device). Share + view privately. APIs + mobile SDKs record, transcode, play and host videos. Join hundreds of recruitment websites + apps.

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Award-Winning API

Ziggeo won the API:World 2019 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Banner stating that Ziggeo won API Award in 2019

Ziggeo won the API:World 2017 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

API:World 2017 Award

Ziggeo won the API:World 2016 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Ziggeo wins API award 2016

Benefits of Video in Recruiting

  • Sound: How does the candidate sound? Is this someone you can image listening to day after day?
  • Intonation: Does the candidate sound angry? Or excited? Or nervous? Their voice intonation will clue you in.
  • Accent: where is the candidate from? How is their English?
  • Grammatical usage: Does the candidate use proper grammar? You’ll discover more about their educational level by listening to them.
  • Appearance
    • Grooming, hair styles, clothing, makeup: Your company culture will dictate what kind of candidate could fit in. Caveat: look beyond what is typically expected — you want to make sure you hire a diverse and inclusive work force for the highest performance.
  • Background Visuals: these can tell you a lot about your candidate, e.g.
    • Selected Surroundings: Office, Home or Car
    • Books Displayed
    • Cleanliness of Surroundings
    • Choice of Art, Photographs, and Decorations
  • Unquantifiables: Certain qualities come out on video that simply can’t be quantified:
    • A particular spark, energy, excitement for the particular position
  • Time Saver
    • You’ll know in just a few seconds if that candidate is the right fit. But careful here: be open to folks who may not be like you. You’ll find a diverse and inclusive work force could be exactly what your company needs.
  • Beyond the Ivy League
    • Videos will let you look beyond mere credentials. Be open to judging people based on their passion, how they articulate what the job means to them, and their story. You may be surprised to learn the best candidates often don’t have the credentials you’ve set up for the job.

Ziggeo is… an extraordinary way to get insight on a large number of people in a very short period of time.

— Seth Godin, best-selling business author

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The Ziggeo team is the most responsive of all our vendors

— Harry Zapata, Talent Acquisition Manager DexYP

Use Cases

Candidates Record Video Profiles

Candidates Record Video Submissions (for particular jobs)

Employers introduce themselves + opportunity on video

Video Testimonials from employees

I love that we can now easily capture candidate videos. Ziggeo’s video technology has been seamless.

— Andy Weissman, Partner at Union Square Ventures

Sample Candidate Video


  • Video recorder / video player embeds into any website
  • Seamlessly integrates into recruitment platforms / sites
  • Videos viewable only by those with permission
  • Set maximum recording time and allowable re-records
  • Full recruiting solution available w/ dashboard (or integrate just parts)
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  • WebRTC support for applicable devices / browsers
  • Mobile-friendly
  • CSS-based video recorder + player for seamless integration
  • No downloading of apps required for recording/playback
  • Video recording APIs + mobile SDKs available

Video Profiles

Bring life to your community
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Video Messages

Send and receive videos
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Flexible Integration

  • White-labeled video recorder/player
  • Just a few lines of code
  • Use our recruitment dashboard or your own

Video Wall

Display videos

Full control over videos

  • Videos submitted directly within application process
  • Play videos e.g. within candidate profiles
  • Videos viewable only to those with permission
  • Set maximum recording time, e.g. 2 minutes
  • Configure so candidates record single video or multiple videos for separate questions
  • Enable uploading of pre-recorded videos or restrict to on-the-spot recordings
  • Limit the number of allowable re-recordings per video

Sample Use Case – Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Tool

Display videos

Open Source Recruitment Tool

Use our recruitment tool to let your candidates apply + record videos — so you can view them all in your private recruitment dashboard.
  • Embed button on your site or send link to candidates
  • Candidates record videos from any mobile or other device
  • Videos submitted directly to your private dashboard
  • Rate candidates with a 5 star system
  • Write private comments per each candidate
  • Share videos with colleagues with multi-user accounts
  • Tag videos so they’re easily searchable
  • Customizable application form fields, e.g. name, email, etc.
  • Form field metadata viewed together with videos
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Hosted Solutions + Quick Starts

  • Easy Video Submission Form
  • Allows for ready-made video submission form
  • Videos recorded and submitted to dashboard
  • Use Ziggeo’s hosted solution or copy code for own site
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Searchable Videos

Videos are searchable by both words (from the audio) and images:
  • Searchable Words (from Audio)
    • Manually tag candidates with keywords
    • Automatic extracts keywords via transcribed voice-to-text
    • See open-source recruitment tool for this capability
    • See more on keyword extraction here
  • Searchable Images
    • Moderate videos and detect what’s not safe for work, e.g. nudity
    • Locate particular candidates
    • Categorize videos by images
    • Automatic image recognition – see more here

Added Revenue Opportunities

  • Increase revenue for your recruitment platform
    • Upcharge for ability to view candidate videos
    • Create value add for your premium plan
  • Incentive to upgrade to more expensive plan
    • Example: Your basic plan could allow viewing of first few seconds of video; upgraded plan allows for viewing full videos