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Ziggeo instantly captures candidate videos (from any device). Share + view privately. APIs + mobile SDKs record, transcode, play and host videos. Join hundreds of recruitment websites + apps.

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Award-Winning API

Ziggeo won the API:World 2019 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Ziggeo won the API:World 2017 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Ziggeo won the API:World 2016 Award for its API for Video Recording and Playback.

Benefits of Video in Recruiting

“Ziggeo is... an extraordinary way to get insight on a large number of people in a very short period of time.”

— Seth Godin, best-selling business author

Candidate Videos Transform Recruiting Process

A Case Study of DexYP's Recruitment Process

Recorded Video Revolutionizes Recruitment

A Case Study of USV's Recruitment Process

On the Power of Candidate Videos in Recruiting

Analysis of Video Data Predicts Best Candidates

“The Ziggeo team is the most responsive of all our vendors”

— Harry Zapata, Talent Acquisition Manager DexYP

Use Cases

Candidates Record Video Profiles

Candidates Record Video Submissions (for particular jobs)

Employers introduce themselves + opportunity on video

Video Testimonials from employees

“I love that we can now easily capture candidate videos. Ziggeo's video technology has been seamless.”

— Andy Weissman, Partner at Union Square Ventures

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Video Profiles

Bring life to your community

Video Messages

Send and receive videos

Flexible Integration

Video Wall

Display videos

Full control over videos

Sample Use Case - Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Tool

Display videos

Open Source Recruitment Tool

Use our recruitment tool to let your candidates apply + record videos -- so you can view them all in your private recruitment dashboard.

Hosted Solutions + Quick Starts

Searchable Videos

Videos are searchable by both words (from the audio) and images:

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