There are 3 integrations on Bubble created at the time of writing this. We can not describe all of the steps needed for everything in all of them. Having that said, our goal is to provide you with the info you will need to get started. Additionally the info on how to get more details.

Bubble team made an awesome code less system and then decided to add Ziggeo to it. To do that they constructed the first Ziggeo plugin on Bubble system. The plugin is free and can be easily used in any Bubble app you create.

Bubble put together a 7 minute, step-by-step video tutorial on how to build a video community page with Ziggeo.

If you still have any questions about this plugin there are many people on Bubble forum that have the hands on experience as well as their support. We recommend going with forum as there are many people that will see it and many like to help.

If your setup involves something private that you can not share on a public forum and is related to our system reach out to us. If on another hand it is something related to Bubble you can reach out to Bubble support directly as well.

Ziggeo Recorder and Player Plugin offered by Ryutaro Tada is designed so that you are able to quickly start using your Ziggeo account within your Bubble apps. For support and additional info, you should check out the plugin's page: Ziggeo Recorder and Player Plugin

Customizable Ziggeo Plugin offered by Ryutaro Tada is designed to allow you more customization compared to their free Ziggeo Recorder and Player Plugin. For support and additional info, you should check out the plugin's page: Customizable Ziggeo Plugin

Advanced Ziggeo Plugin offered by BeCodeFree is designed so that it contains all of the information you will need within its interface. For support and getting the plugin, you should check out the plugin's page: Advanced Ziggeo Plugin

This Bubble plugin offers many events, actions and supports most of the Ziggeo parameters. It is created by Anticode and plugs right into your Bubble apps. You can find the plugin page on Bubble here: Professional Ziggeo Plugin

They have prepared a video that helps with the setup and you can see it here:

This plugin by Chris can be found on the following plugin's page: Comprehensive Ziggeo Plugin