Are you looking to create your own integration?

This page and its sub pages are designed to take you through the info that you will want and need to start with ease and finish as a champion.

If you plan to create integration on web, as long as you can add JavaScript you are set. For mobile there are different languages offered so check if we might already be providing the same.

This is completely up to you. Some integrations were made and offered by us. Some have been created and are offered by third party individuals as well as companies. Some of the third party integrations are offered for free and others are paid.

Would you charge for your integration or not is completely up to you, from the price, payment intervals as well as the features.

We have prepared few requirements that we impose in order to add your system to our pages or recommend it to our customers. This helps our customers know of your solution and also allows us to get familiar with your own solution.

Our requirements are:

  1. That the solution provided is protecting our mutual customers as well as their customers.
  • This includes privacy as well as security.
  1. That everything about your integration is revealed upfront
  2. That if you use a paid system, you provide some sort of free plan for customers to test and see how it works
  3. You provide support for the integration/solution you create
  4. You follow our assets and brand guidelines

We have designed this section of our docs to provide you with the info in a way that makes most sense when you are starting. You are of course welcome to come back to any part or to go to any section that seems to answer what you are after.

We recommend going to next page, offering you high level outlook.