We have made it very easy to add your code to your Paperform forms. To do that, there are 2 steps, however we recommend following 3 for best experience:

  1. Enable your iframe and oEmbed embeds for player
  2. Get and prepare your Ziggeo head code
  3. Add the codes into Paperform form

This is the step that is completely optional yet we recommend it. By doing it you will make it easier for yourself to share the videos you grab on your Paperform forms.

Not only is it super easy to do, you will actually only do it once for your application.

You can see the steps on how to do it on the following link: How to enable iframe / oEmbeds.

Next sections will take you step by step first with video and then everything in nice text and copy paste-able way that follows it:

Here is the code to grab:

    <script src=""></script>

Yes, you are right, it looks almost like it is just a link. That is it really. We made sure that this is simple for you so we made self activating code allowing you quick and simple setup.

Only thing you would do is replace APPLICATION_TOKEN with your actual application token. As you do, you got yourself the very code that you should add to your Paperform forms.

  • Open the form to edit it within your Paperform account.
  • Head to Configure then Analytics
  • Locate the field that says Page load scripts
  • Into this field paste the link you had got and prepared in the section above.

This is needed only once per form and the rest is just to add your embeddings onto your form.

We told you in the above section that it is done only once. Now this section is done as many times as needed. So if you need one embedding, you would follow these steps once. Likewise if you need 10, you would follow them ten times instead.

  • Scroll to the area of your form where you would like to add your embedding (video recorder for example)

  • Add Text field to this area

  • Now into the Placeholder text write one of the following:

    1. ziggeovideorecorder - to create video recorder
    2. ziggeovideoplayer VIDEO_TOKEN - to create a video player
    • VIDEO_TOKEN text above should be replaced with the actual video token to be played

That is it, repeat the above as many times and mix and match the embedding types as needed on your form.

Wait. It is simple, it is easy however you want more? Want to make changes to how embeddings look? Want to what happens with the embeddings? Well that is easy to do, however does require some custom changes.

We have actually explained how to do this easily on our modify Form Builder integration page.