We want to provide you with variations of our logo that you can use in your promotional content. We want you to be able to showcase easily that your integration is utilizing Ziggeo.

You can get the logos by clicking here.

The way the logo can and should be used as well as our general approach to it is described in our brand design guide.

  • Use our logo to showcase that your solution is bringing Ziggeo to the platform for which your integration is made.
  • Use our logo in your marketing campaign
  1. Use our logo as your own, or of your plugin/script/integration
  2. Use our logo in a way that suggests that we built, are maintaining or providing support for your system
  • Use "Ziggeo", "powered by Ziggeo" and other similar text that would allow you to showcase that your integration is for some platform or service as well as Ziggeo.
  • Use wording that suggests or helps market our features.
  1. Use wording that suggests that we support your integration unless you got approval from us for specific text.
  2. Use wording that suggests that we have participated or created the integration
  3. Use wording that would make it seem that we suggest or believe that there is benefit of using your system unless previously approved by us.

Wondering what to do next? Well create your integration. Market it or reach us before you do. We have a form that allows you to submit all of the details we need from you to know about your integration.

These are the two forms you would use:

Submitting your integration first allows us to know more about you and help you sort out or help with any points of your integration. Once finished the certification progress would be faster.

Once integration is submitted we can start with a process of creating a page showcasing it. If you apply and get certified then your page would get additional badge allowing people to quickly see that you are certified.