There are few details that we would need from you to submit to us to create the page and showcase your integration.

Here is the list of required details:

  1. email
    • please contact us from email that we should use to contact you and connect with your integration
  2. names
    • Your name and the name of your service and/or integration
  3. Platform name
    • Platform for which the Ziggeo integration is created
  4. Description of integration setup and operation
    • As would be seen or experienced by the person that wanted to use your integration
  5. Screenshots of any settings or screens of your integration, our dashboard or platform screenshots that can better showcase your integration.
  6. Your integration logo
  7. Any requirements for the integration to work
    • For example if specific plan is needed or if plan is needed on the platform integration is for as well
  8. To let us know if your integration is free or paid
    • Both are completely up to you. We do not make difference between the two, however knowing this can help customers choose when multiple integrations or options are present for same platforms.

Here is the list of optional yet recommended details:

  1. Video about the platform the integration is made for
    • Please only provide this if you get the permission from the platform owners first. All of their terms of use and other policies must be respected.
  2. Video about your integration
    • This can be a single video or two videos where one would describe how the integration works and another created to tell why your integration should be used.

Once you prepare everything to submit, please send us an email to with the subject as title/name of your integration.