CMS stands for Content Management System. As the full name suggests it is a solution or a platform that allows you to easily bring your content to others on web.

All of the websites use one or the other CMS that help the owners manage their content. Most often you will see the CMS used for blogs, however the whole websites are powered and maintained through the same.

While our system can be added to anything that supports JavaScript or HTML to be added to it, we know what it can mean to you if the integration for it is available.

Check out the list bellow to see the list of already available integrations.


Drupal is one of the well known CMS going back for quite some years. It offers sturdy yet elegant way to bring your presence to the online world.

It is proud of its dedicated community of this open source solution. It is free and open to all and want to know some more good news? There is a Ziggeo integration that offers you to quickly and simply bring Ziggeo to your Drupal CMS.

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WordPress they say is CMS that powers most of the online websites today. It is open source, popular and has a ton of plugins that extend its feature. While it was built for blogs today it is foundation for many social networks, forums, E-Commerce businesses and much more.

We provide you with several plugins of our own that you can use to bring video to your WordPress as well as some other popular WordPress plugins.

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