File services allow us to upload and share our content, media, marketing plans and so much more with everyone in our team. It is quite often a backbone of a service as it stores the data, or allows quick access to the same.

Ziggeo provides you with a great way to create and showcase media data. Understanding that you have


Our Box integration makes it super easy for you to push your videos to your Box account right from your Ziggeo dashboard or with auto push. That way you can have all your videos in one central place, in your Box account, and be able to sync your videos across different devices.

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Dropbox offers you a way to organize your files within different folders. Its accessibility over different devices makes it easy to put and grab what you need from same place, regardless of your team size.

Our integration makes the push to the same very simple.

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Google Drive

Everyone knows of Google Drive. Not only does it cover all systems, it also has many internal apps / integration that you can add on top of the file storage. This makes it super easy to create and organize workflows.

With Ziggeo you can quickly push media to it!

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There are many services offered through AWS. All top of the line designed to make your service better. S3 is one of those, with aim of delivering secure storage. The Ziggeo integration allows you to quickly and easily add media captured through Ziggeo get placed in your S3.

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