Form builders offer a way for capturing various data. Not only that, they are great at structuring your needs into beautiful pieces of form art.

While each is different and offers specific functionality in general form builders will offer you:

  1. Easy way to add fields
  2. Method of creating different forms
  3. Do the processing of incoming data for you
  4. Present the data in a nice manner
  5. Bring conditional logic to your forms

As you know our hosted pages offer you a way to create your own forms - as many as you like. All data is connected to your multimedia easily. While it gives you full freedom to do what you need it also requires you to either use one of the templates we have, or to make your changes on your own.

Since our goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you to set up, we made sure that there are some form builders that you can integrate with ease.

Form Assembly

With Ziggeo, you can configure your Form Assembly form to accept video submissions. Following a few simple steps, your form will be able to accept videos and automatically upload them to your Ziggeo dashboard, where we take care of the rest for you.

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Formsite is a form builder that allows you to create clean and elegant forms. With our integration it is also a form builder that allows you to easily capture your multimedia and have it associated with your Ziggeo account

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Formstack praises itself as a data management system with the form builder that allows you to collect all sorts of information. While there many types of forms most of them require you to add some multimedia handling. With our integration you can easily start to do the same right now.

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Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a popular form plugin for WordPress powered websitesŲŒ with Ziggeo, you can change your Gravity form to accept multimedia submissions. Go ahead and open up new potentials for your form! Make it accept video testimonials, video applications, video surveys and many other video scenarios.

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JotForm is a form builder that is designed to offer you form builder that is easy to use and offers you it's own fields. Additionally JotForm offers extra options that are provided by anyone willing to create widget or the app that you can add to your forms.

Now we are also offering you our own solution to allow you to easily and efficiently capture different multimedia formats.

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Paperform allows you to create modern forms that offer substitute to the old forms printed on papers. Their goal is however to make it as simple as it would if you were making it on a paper.

With our integration, you can easily start accepting multimedia into your Paperform and Ziggeo account.

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SurveyGizmo allows you to create easy and efficient surveys very quickly. You can gain valuable insight into anything that you need and go from design to finish in few moments. Now you can also add and accept different multimedia capture and playback systems offered by Ziggeo to make those surveys stand up even more.

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WPForms is one of the Wordpress plugins and they work to provide you with an easy way to create and show your forms. They have free and paid versions of plugins and now there is a Ziggeo integration that allows you to capture multimedia in different ways.

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