We have made it very simple to add support for Ziggeo to your favorite form builder. We wanted to make it very easy and quick for you to do.

Now we also wanted to still make it possible to change some parameters of your embeddings. This allows you to modify many of the aspects of how your embeddings work.

The following will help you see exactly how you can do this when using one of our form builder scripts.

    <script src=""></script>

The script you added at the top with token can actually be extended with more parameters. You can use any of our available parameters by simply adding them to URL.

Lets say you want to use Cube theme with green color. Your script from above would suddenly be the following one:

    <script src=""></script>

The way the parameters and values are crafted is as follows


Add & (and sign) followed by parameter name = (equal sign) and then value.

This is how we got to the &theme=cube&themecolor=green that you can see in the example above.

The script also accepts one extra parameter: revision. By default it uses our stable revision, but you can choose a different one by adding &revision=latest or any other value from our version history. This is useful for when you want to use features that are not yet released on the stable branch.

The same script can be used with custom codes that you extended to meet your own more complex workflow requirements. If you want to do this, you should check in with our support and we can help guide you in right direction.