JavaScript is a language that everyone has seen and used if they got to any website. This is true even for many of the mobile apps that are in use today.

JavaScript got so popular that it even got to become available on the server side. The benefits? Many:

  1. Your front end and back end developers can have same know-how
  2. The codebase is easy to upgrade
  3. The language is designed so it is easy to extend and build into
  4. Capable of simple as well as complex operations
  5. Available for many years
  6. Actively improved upon

As you know our service also works on JavaScript and we love it. Super flexible and strong and allows us to make quick changes and updates for a very wide set of devices and systems.


Angular allows you to create very interactive UIs in very simple and easy steps, and with the Ziggeo's Angular SDK, setting up video recording and playback is even easier.

Go Angular

PlayerJS is a framework that allows developers to control video and audio within iframe embeddings across a number of different services.

Ready for PlayerJS

While JavaScript can be added to React easily, we understand why you would love to have React SDK. We have it! Just grab it and you are ready to use Ziggeo in your apps.

React now

VueJS is another tool to build interactive UIs in a very simple way. You can now integrate Ziggeo video recording and playback with VueJS using the Ziggeo JavaScript SDK.

Grab Vue