The mobile apps are so much in use today that they are being developed and released on various stores at any given moment and in large numbers.

They are on the go with us and provide us a way to extend our online presence. Some apps are utilized in such way that they are the only front end to the hidden back end servers handling the data.

The way they are used, designed and for what purpose varies in such amazing ways that it is almost impossible to say what exactly developers will do next.

They allow you to:

  1. Be on the go with your customers
  2. Instantly deliver the expected results to your customers
  3. Do actions you would not be able on a website
  4. Get connected to people in new and interesting ways

With such huge amount of apps being created daily your apps need to stand out. What a better way than with award winning API for handling multimedia - Ziggeo!

Here are some of the great integrations we offer allowing you to create your mobile apps.


Android is most used mobile operating system. Not only can you find it on mobile phones and tablets, it can be found in TVs, cars, NAS and in many other places.

Now the question is how you make one of the apps that works in Android devices? Well with Ziggeo SDK adding multimedia support to such app is super easy. It is simple to add Ziggeo to your app as well as to extend our demos to create your app.

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You might have been thinking that creating mobile apps is only possible with raw code. Well if that is the case, you will be surprised by Bubble. It is a great way to use drag and drop to create your apps. All that of course without any coding.

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Cordova / PhoneGap

Cordova is a platform that takes your existing website and makes it available as an app. This allows you to easily create and bring your apps to marketplace. While not an app builder, it is a time saver.

Ziggeo integrates with Cordova (PhoneGap) in such way that it allows you to bring the same ease of capturing multimedia on mobile devices as well.

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Ionic allows you to create or use your existing website very similar to how Cordova does. It is actually using some of the Cordova system within itself to provide you with your apps. Now it is up to you which one you think is better, all you need to remember is that Ziggeo is there with you available as integration, regardless of your choice

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Objective C

Objective-C is great for those that were in the world of mobile apps early on. It is battle tested and battle hardened. Anyone that is building apps for iOS has used this to create their apps.

With our Objective-C SDK you can quickly add multimedia support to your existing application.

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React Native

If you are using React for your website, using React Native will make you feel right at home. Combination of both allows for quick and simple true mobile apps based on same rules, design patterns and overall feel.

With our React Native SDK you will be able to quickly and easily bring multimedia to your apps.

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Swift is a great language to make your iOS apps. It was made to provide greater ease at making iOS apps and likewise our Swift SDK was made to make it easy to add multimedia support to your apps.

Be swift to add award winning multimedia solution into your apps and do it in style as well as ease.

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Xamarin is offering you a modern solution for modern troubles. It combines the web structure and elements with the native. This mix offers developers from both worlds to easily find themselves within and use it.

Using our SDK you are making it easy to quickly and easily extend your apps towards multimedia with Ziggeo.

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