Social networks were different before, however it is all about today and tomorrow. Today these are powerful places where trending is something that can help you boost your influence, recognition or popularity. Likewise your competitors can use the same for them as well.

One great way to stand out is by creating videos that go viral - trending.

To do that your videos need to be easily captured, pushed to right places and easily shared across different platforms. Ziggeo allows you to do all of that. We also provide you with integrations needed for you to use other third party solutions. You can see the list of such solutions bellow.

Rich media embeds are what is well known for. is used by many systems to showcase various rich content and Ziggeo integrates with them.

All you need is share, and that is it. Once shared reaches out to our system, grabs the info and showcases it for everyone to see as rich media.

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LinkedIn is a platform to connect professionals from all over the world. It can help you introduce your company to others that might need its services or can provide you with theirs. It is also a great way to build your reputation.

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Tumblr is a way to share the things you love with others. It is also a place to discover them. With our integration you will be able to do this even easier.

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Twitter is a social platforms that has every bird send its tweet to. Used by companies, news as well as people, it is a place to see things as they are shared and to be part of them.

With Ziggeo you can share your multimedia in a way that will show your videos inline in Twitter.

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Vimeo provides you with a way to share videos with other people. Its design allows you to build your community / audience as well as to showcase your private or company videos.

With our integration you can quickly combine both worlds.

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At this time everyone has heard of YouTube, seen at least one clip or followed some instructions from it. It is a place to be to share your content with the rest of the world. Ziggeo can help you create your content and with this simple integration, sharing it on YouTube is super simple.

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