Creating a website or an app can be a complex process. On one side it can be easy if you are familiar with the code. On another it can be daunting if you do not know any codding language.

Because of that various website and app creation software and services have been made. They usually offer click and drag-and-drop to create a website. Some allow you to go deeper and show your codding skills and some are completely no code.

The benefits of them are:

  1. You do not need to know code
  2. You do not need to think about different browsers or devices
  3. You can make them quickly
  4. Perfect for POC or tests
  5. Great for quickly going from design to actual production ready complete solution

Bubble is a visual framework for creating web and mobile apps, with zero coding. With Bubble you are using drag and drop to do all your setup. You can easily create elaborate and efficient web and mobile apps, without the need of any prior programming experience.

There are 3 plugins at this time that offer Ziggeo fields in your Bubble apps. Each has its merits and features, each however offers you a Bubble's native integration - no code needed!

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SquareSpace is a platform to create beautiful websites quickly and easily. You can select your theme and your website pages as well as elements on them.

Now there are Ziggeo elements that you can quickly and simply use to bring Ziggeo to your SquareSpace website. If only everything was just that simple.

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