Ziggeo integrates into several key places of bbPress. To make it simple for you to select what works in what way, we made several settings you can use to fine tune everything.

We will cover settings here and provide you with the necessary info that can help you with your setup.

To bring these features to your bbPress, first step would be to install the Ziggeo Video for bbPress from WordPress repository.

How to install is described in the following docs: Installing WordPress plugins

Once installed and you activate the integration plugin it is ready to use as is. If you wish to check out or change some aspects of it, you would do that from plugins settings.

You will find the settings under Ziggeo Video menu. They are titled Ziggeo Video for Job Manager.

Ziggeo Video for bbPress - settings

There you will find all of the settings related to the integration.

The integration offers you choices where the parsing should and should not happen. This way you can make sure that your Ziggeo embeddings are created and parsed in the locations of your choice.

bbPress integration settings

Settings allow you to select if you want to add or show the video within the forum description, topic description and reply descriptions.

You can also make changes if the video recorder as well as screen recorder is going to be shown for the public replies on your forum.