This tab is designed to help you get info about our plugin in several different ways.

With the version 2.0 of the core plugin the chat has been included into the dashboard of our plugin. This allows you to quickly get the info as you are working on the setup itself.

We also have standard ways of communicating with us offered such as email, forum and by submitting feedback to WordPress forum.

If there is no private info being shared, the best place is definitely our forum. We want to and will provide setup information on our forum. This allows everyone else to see info they might be after as well and helps us generally improve plugin.

Depending on the complexity or your setup, it is usually easiest to send us an email. If you want you can of course always reach out to us over chat. This is a very quick way to get the info you are after.

The emails are the next best thing if private info is being shared.

There is Wordpress forum, however unlike our own forum, less people from our team will see it. Things asked for there would will also not be taken into as high priority as things we hear in tickets or our forum.

The best way to let us know of your suggestion or have some new integration available is to write in our forum. If you are a developer that wants to create an integration, this is a great place to check what is being asked for as well.

Another great way to help us is by leaving a feedback about the plugin on our WordPress plugin.

If you like it give it a 5 star rating. If you have some feedback for it rate it and let us know with a comment what we should work on.