What if you have added some player on some page and not sure if you have updated all of them? Well if you have used the templates and were using them with their IDs, then the Notifications Page is exact place where you will know if any is off.

There is a detection created that would allow us to track any time when a request is made for template that can not be found. It will show you the necessary info including the page where it was requested.

This way you just see a new notification being available and you can immediately react to it.

Video List Numbers in Menu Indicating new Notifications

Notifications Page has several options that are aimed to help you with your notificaitons.

![Notifications Panel with few example entries](/assets/imgs/docs/integrations/wordpress/core-notifications-panel.png

As you can see in the above example it will let you know what page it was and why it was reported. When this happens there are few different things you can do:

  1. OK - Works as acknowledgment of an error and removes the red highlight of the same however still shows it
  2. HIDE - Works as a way for you to hide the entries that you do not want to see any more (does not remove them)
  3. Prune - This options works in such way that it will do its best to detect multiple repeating issues and just show you one of those. For example if you had 100 same errors it would just show you 1.
  4. Clear - This one is actually going to completely remove all entries that you have and leave the panel empty for any new entries.

This page is designed for notification purposes and any issues you notice mentioned in this page you would need to sort out manually.