While adding Ziggeo to FormAssembly is as easy as copy -> paste. Wait, it actually is just that.

We will show you the code you would use and also where to add it.

The setup can be split into several sections:

  1. Turn on iframe embeds for player
  2. Grab the code and make the changes you need
  3. Add the code into FormAssembly

This step is optional however will open many options to you so we recommend it done first. It is done only once per application and it is very easy to do.

One of such benefits is that it will allow you to share the video link with others directly or third party services.

You can see the steps on how to do it on the following link: How to enable iframe / oEmbeds.

Next sections will take you step by step. Want to see the video first? Here you go:

This is the entire code you would use:

    <script src=""></script>

If you are asking yourself if it is just that simple, the answer is YES! We made the integration as simple as possible so that you can quickly and easily add it to your Formsite forms.

The only step is to replace APPLICATION_TOKEN with your application token to be used. Once you do replace it, this is completely prepared code ready to be used.

At this stage everything is ready. All you need is to add it to FormAssembly.

Go to Properties and then to Custom Code.

At this point, paste the code that you have prepared following steps above and save it.

This is it for the code, now all we need to do is to tell that code where you want to have recorder or player shown.

This is super easy to do, so lets set it up.

This section is all about creating embeddings. The above section is only added once per form. This section covers steps that can be repeated if needed. More on that later, lets add our field first.

  1. Create Text Input field in location where you want the embedding to be shown.
  2. Go to field options
  3. Under "Contextual Help (Hint)" locate the field named "Placeholder"

In this field you should add one of the following:

  1. ziggeovideorecorder - this will add a video recorder to your form
  2. ziggeovideoplayer VIDEO_TOKEN - this will add video player to your form

If you do add ziggeoplayer VIDEO_TOKEN make sure that you replace the VIDEO_TOKEN part with the actual video token or key of the video you want to play.

Once you do this, repeat the steps in this section as many times as you need to. Each time you do, you are creating additional embedding.

This way you can add a video player at the top of your form explaining the steps or asking a question for example. Then later down the form add one or more video recorders as well.

Do you want to modify some of the scripts and change how the embeddings look or operate? That might require few more steps, however we made that very simple as well.

We have explained how to do this on the following page we recommend you to see: Modifying Form Builder scripts.