The steps to do this are very simple. They consist of getting the code from our side and adding it to Formstack.

The setup could be made of several sections:

  1. Enable iframe embeds
  2. Prepare your Ziggeo code
  3. Add the code into Formstack form

To make it easy for you to see the videos on a different service (if you share the link), it is best if you enable the iframe and oEmbed embeds. This will allow the service you share the link on and which supports oEmbed to pull in the video. This often helps share the video in a better suited manner.

You can see the steps on how to do this on the following link: How to enable iframe / oEmbeds.

Next sections will take you step by step. If you wish to see the video first, here it is:

This is the entire code you would use:

    <script src=""></script>

Yes, this is all you need to get to bring Ziggeo to your Formstack form.

The only step you would need to make on this code is to replace APPLICATION_TOKEN. You would replace it with your application token of the application you want to use. Once you do, this is finalized and ready to be used.

  • Open the form to edit it in Formstack.
  • Add a Embed Code field to your form as first field on your form (closest to the top).
  • Click to edit the field
  • Paste the code you have prepared with the step above.

And the header code is added, now onto embeddings. Simple? Of course and we keep it that way, just check out in next section.

While above section should only be done once, this section is to be taken as many times as there are embeddings you want to be present on your form.

These would be done in places where the embeddings should be shown and do not need to be at start nor near the form top.

  • Scroll to the place where you want your embedding to be (video recorder for example)
  • Add Short Answer field into this location
  • Now into the Placeholder value of this field you should add one of the following:
    1. ziggeovideorecorder - to create recorder
    2. ziggeovideoplayer VIDEO_TOKEN - to create a player, with the VIDEO_TOKEN being replaced with the actual video token to be played

You can create any number of recorders or players as you need.

Once you are done just save your form. That is it. You will need to do this on each form you want to add Ziggeo to, however as you see steps are very simple to do.

Do you have a desire to change how the embeddings look or function? That would require few more steps for you to take, however we made those steps very simple to take.

We have explained how to do this on the following page.