Adding Ziggeo to SurveyGizmo is very simple and separated into several next sections.

Please note that for this to work you do need to have a paid plan on SurveyGizmo otherwise features used to add Ziggeo will be locked down.

Each section includes the additional info that might help you do this quicker, easier or just understand what it does and you can skip and jump to any section you prefer. We have however designed them to allow you to follow in the manner that would result in easiest setup.

  1. First enable the iframe and oEmbed codes for player
  2. Copy and change the head code
  3. Finally setting it up in SurveyGizmo

We recommend the following steps, however they are optional. The reason why we recommend them is that if you copy the link to video submitted in your survey and copy-paste it to some service, chances are it will load within it.

This is because our embedding will provide you the link to a page that supplies oEmbed information.

The exact steps are described on the following page.

Check out the video on how to do this and following it are the same details in text format to easily copy paste them.

Here is the code to grab:

    <script src=""></script>

Once you copy it, paste it into your plain text editor. You want to replace the APPLICATION_TOKEN with your actual application token.

When you do you have the codes that you can just copy and add into your SurveyGizmo survey. We cover how in the next section.

  • Open the survey to edit it within your SurveyGizmo account.
  • Click on the STYLE tab
  • On the bottom right corner you will see HTML/CSS Editor, click that

Now in this section you will see several options. The one of interest to us is Custom <head> only so go to it. Once there just paste the code that you saw and prepared in the section above.

That is it, make sure to save your new change so that your survey remembers it. The following is to add new fields.

Above section showed you how to add Ziggeo to your survey and that is done just once. Here you will see how to add as many embeddings as you need them.

  • Find where you would like to add your embedding (for example a video recorder)

  • Add Textbox Question field

  • You want to edit the field and then go to "Layout" section

  • Now into the HTML Placeholder write one of the following:

    1. ziggeovideorecorder - to create video recorder
    2. ziggeovideoplayer VIDEO_TOKEN - to create a video player
    • VIDEO_TOKEN text above should be replaced with the actual video token to be played

Save and repeat the steps in this section as many times as you want or need. Each time you do you will be telling our script we set up where you want the embedding to be. You will also tell it what type of embedding you want it to be.

Maybe you are thinking "What if I am a person that likes to customize things, wants to leave my own touch on it?" or "Maybe I need some specific thing to happen and not have some general setup!". If you do, or you are thinking anything along those lines, that is fine, we got you covered.

We actually made it possible to fine tune, and even extremely fine tune the integration. More on this here page.