Video Transcoding API + Transcoding as a Service

Ziggeo automatically handles all your video transcoding needs. If you're already a customer, no need to do anything. Ziggeo's transcoding API is already activated and you can make use of Ziggeo's transcoding service without any extra effort.

Transcoding as a Service

Here’s how Ziggeo’s transcoding as a service works:

Transcoding as an API

Ziggeo’s API for video transcoding quickly and easily transcodes your videos into any and all desired formats. Three steps to using Ziggeo’s transcoding API:

1. Push your video to our servers, e.g. using our server-side PHP SDKs:

					$ziggeo = new Ziggeo("APP_TOKEN", "PRIVATE_KEY");
$video = $ziggeo->videos()->create(array("file" => "./source.mpg"));
// $video["token"] now contains the unique token of this video				

2. Wait for webhook video_ready to notify you about the finished transcoding.

3. Download the transcoded video to your servers

					$video_data = $ziggeo->videos()->download_video($video_token);
file_put_contents("./target.mp4", $video_data);				

Don’t care to use our transcoding API? You can accomplish these same tasks via your Ziggeo dashboard without writing a single line of code.

Transcoding to Different Resolutions

Super Fast Transcoding Process

Ziggeo begins the transcoding process as soon as your recording begins streaming to our servers.

Saving Transcoded (+ Original) Videos

Transcoding Options

Ziggeo’s transcoding system lets you specify different resolutions for transcoding. For each resolution, you can also specify the following advanced options:

Supported Formats

Ziggeo transcodes videos from over 20 recorded formats, including: