The Video Recorder

Use Ziggeo to embed a video recorder into any site or app. Mobile-friendly, Ziggeo records and plays across all browsers and devices.


  • Record videos from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer
  • No downloading of apps required
  • Light and Sound monitors available
  • Face Outline available for proper positioning

Smartphone cameras

  • Record videos directly from any mobile browser
  • No downloading of apps required
  • Recorded videos viewable on your private dashboard
  • SDKs available for iOS and Android

Video Recorder Example

Here is an example what a video recorder looks like.
<ziggeorecorder ziggeo-width="100%" ziggeo-theme="modern" ziggeo-themecolor="red"></ziggeorecorder>

What does that mean?

  • Recording time limits can be set
  • Transcoding to all formats so videos can be played on any device
  • Transcoding begins at start of recording so transcoding is completed almost instantaneously
  • Videos play across all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer
  • Hosting of videos included
  • Language Support for English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and many more languages
  • Works even with Corporate Firewalls
  • Generating device information for every recording
  • Different Theme

Frequently Asked Questions

Can recorder be added to my website?
In 99% of cases it can. If you are using a very well known platform such as Wordpress, we likely already have integration already present for you to just click through. For that 1% we have a great support team to help you with any questions and get you to the goal line nice and easy.
I do not have a large development team to help with updates
That is OK. Our system is designed to offer you as much customization as you might need it. In same time it is designed to be auto updating. You would grab our standard codes and over time as security releases are made or new features come into play the system self updates on your pages.
Can video recorder be used with your other features?
Yes! All of our features are designed to be easily implemented one with another. Not only it can, we encourage you to do so. You can see how adding a simple little word or two (even if you are not familiar with code) can lead to huge achievements. Just remember that we are always here for you.
Where can I see systems you integrate with?
If a system accepts HTML code, then you can copy paste our service into it. It is that simple. For some services we have also prepared integrations or have guides for the same. You can see them all on our integrations page.