Ziggeo's Job Manager Integration

Ziggeo's Wordpress plugin now supports Job Manager and its Resume Manager addon, allowing you to bring video to your job and resume platforms.

About Job Manager

  • Job Manager is a popular plugin for Wordpress powered websites that allows you to quickly set up a recruitment platform.
  • Job Manager has been made by the creators of the Wordpress itself.
  • Job Manager is done in such way that additional addons are offered to extend its operation and featureset.
  • Ziggeo integrates into Job Manger to help you add video to your job websites.

Ziggeo's Job Manager Integration

Our integration allows you to turn your Job Manager plugin into a fully video ready job website. While it adds video to Job Manger it also adds the video to Resume Manager addon (provided by Job Manager). Are you looking for a way to make your resumes and job platform stand out from the rest? Looking to make it easier for those that search for job to present themselves? Maybe want to make the recruitment proces much easier? All of the above are answered by this integration.

Interested in setting it up? Check out our docs here

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